The First Step

The first step in any change is releasing the idea that no change is necessary.  Put another way, change can only take place when our beliefs in our old limitations end.  

Our ingrained beliefs are very powerful things.  They can actually set up protective barriers to prevent them being released.  They are self-protecting and self-perpetuating.  Ins’t that amazing?  We cast around in our memories for why we have a certain belief that is holding us back and when we almost find the reason our egos send back the message; “nothing here to update, everything is fine!”  Yet we know there is some gunk there to clear up.

The most frustrating part of dealing with these deep-seated beliefs is that they actually require more personal energy, more Mana, more Chi to maintain than if we were to dispose of them.  We are often called upon to defend a belief that has past it’s expiration date and end up in battles which drain us.

Fortunately we can get a very clear idea about our beliefs just by recognizing the vibration around them, even if we cannot specifically identify the belief.  When we find ourselves in defense about a belief simply ask yourself “does this belief raise my vibration or does it lower my vibration.”  Pure, powerful feelings that are true lift us up, make us feel happy.  Those beliefs that no longer serve us bring us down.

Outdated or false beliefs want to be cleared-out.  Life is a process, this process calls us to let go of that which no longer serves who we are now so that we can raise ourselves higher and higher.   We do this all the time with trees and roses; dead limbs, like dead beliefs need to be pruned for the health of the entire plant.  That is the first step!

The Involved Observer