Shells in Time

We may be walking around experiencing life, but that does not mean we are living life.  Many people are simply Shells in Time, taking meaning from other peoples lives, letting the beliefs of others define who and what they are.  Living, but not alive.  Choicefull Living Seminars is committed to helping us out of this limbo of life; of being simply shells of our true selves.  At CLS we are committed to helping every person on the planet find the magic that is inside them, to discovering what it is they have come to do in this lifetime.

This change begins with what I like to call IN-Powerment.  When we discover that we do have value, that what we think is important, that we are creative and have something to offer, when we cease being pushed and pulled by other people’s thoughts we step into IN-Powerment.  We cannot reach our highest potential when we walk around defining ourselves by what others think.  We are not giving our all to our vocations, or our passions when we live in an unconscious parody of life. 

It is time to step into our true selves, time to begin embracing our personal perfection, and time to cease fighting the world.  When we come to accept and embrace that we have created the life we are living and that any changes to that life are up to us, we step into true freedom and cease being shells in time.

Choicefull Living Seminars is ready to bring workshops on Personal IN-Powerment, Spirituality, and Relationships to you, simply reach out to our website and ask for a consultation.

You are more than a shell in time, you are YOU!

Choiceful Living Seminars