Just because I am Spiritual

I know that some people think that being Spiritual is the same as being religious.  They think being Spiritual means being blissed-out all the time, or having a strict, inflexible code of behavior I want everyone to follow.  Please allow me to attempt to dissuade you from that belief. What being Spiritual is Being Spiritual […]

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We spend huge amounts of energy trying to avoid showing or feeling emotions.  In doing this we deprive ourselves of a huge amount of joy in our lives. Emotions are not bad Despite what we have been taught, experiencing an emotion is not a bad thing.  Emotions are part of our being.  They are there

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Universal Guidance

Whatever answer you seek, Universal Guidance has it for you.   Many people have the idea that we are self-contained beings; that we have to come up with the answers to all of life’s questions on our own.  This is false.  In fact you have already been the recipient of guidance from beyond your own

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The Doves chorus

Our stress level is perhaps the greatest factor on our physical and emotional health.  Stress not only affects us moment to moment, but its cumulative effects come back to haunt us in so many different guises; cancers, digestive disorders, failed relationships, even our job performance.  The list of “cures” for stress grows everyday, but perhaps

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Sentient Beings

Sentient beings are anything that perceives or feels.  Does this mean that only humans are sentient?  Let me ask you; does a pet perceive anything? Does a tree or plant feel anything?  Quite obviously, both feel and perceive.   Our limited awareness Homo Sapiens are at the top of the food chain, so we often

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A new era

These past year or so we have seen the beginning of a new era.  The opening of a new consciousness.  Funny thing is, we have seen this opening before.  I am referring to the call to stop living in fear. Living in fear When any being is living in fear it is impossible to grow.

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There is always more

Why is it so important to find a positive outlook on life?  Because there is always more, that’s why.  If you constantly see doom and misfortune around yourself, there is always more.  If you, on the other hand, constantly see love and joy around you, there is always more too. A balanced life does not

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Fighting against

Which approach do you think is the most effective– fighting against something, or fighting for something?  You might be surprised to discover that the most powerful position we can take is to fight for something if we have to fight at all. Let’s take a specific example; if I choose to fight against a woman’s

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Communication Breakdown

Talk is cheap, so they say, and it is true; words come easily and abundantly, the problem is no matter how many words we use we may not be communicating.  This lack of communication is not simply because others are not listening, it is because they cannot hear us. In my book Bear and Butterfly

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Its So Precious

During the past couple years I have often written about how you and your positive energy can help turn someone elses day around.  Today I was reminded by two wonderful people how my own day can be turned around when I accept their gifts of love. First I reminded by Reverend Dr. Abigale Albert that being

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