The Doves chorus

Our stress level is perhaps the greatest factor on our physical and emotional health.  Stress not only affects us moment to moment, but its cumulative effects come back to haunt us in so many different guises; cancers, digestive disorders, failed relationships, even our job performance.  The list of “cures” for stress grows everyday, but perhaps the most effective cure is awareness.


 I was sitting in the backyard recently, speaking with my beautiful bride,  Terrie Symons. Lady Ashtar, as she is known professionally tours Japan for up to three months at a time, so I was feeling her absence profoundly.  Suddenly, from over 5000 miles away Terrie said “Wow, the birds are singing today, aren’t they!”  She could hear the doves that call our yard home singing merrily in the background from Japan, but right here they were absent to me.  When I took a moment to listen to my own environment the results were immediate and profound.  Although I still missed her being close by, the stress of our distance seemed to vanish.  What a powerful experience; stress relief by listening to the chorus of Doves right around me.  All I had to do was listen.

The magic

The magic of this moment was as simple as turning my attention from what weighed on my mind (what was missing) to the wonder of what as right here (what I have.)  Of course this is not magic, it is a simple spiritual principle we can apply to our lives every moment of every day.  When we concentrate on what is missing, lacking or amiss in our lives, those things become greater.  When we concentrate on all the wonderful gifts we have, those things become greater too.

Focus upon sadness, sadness becomes more profound.  Focus on joyfulness and that becomes more profound.  Apply this in every aspect of your thinking and the effects of what we don’t want diminish.  We cannot remedy a problem from the level the problem, we have rise above the problem to find a solution.

I go into great depth about this miracle cure; this magic, in my book Think Believe Receive, three steps to an amazing life.  Click on the cover below and begin hearing the Doves Chorus of your own life.

Think Believe Receive