A rush to judgment

It seems to me that today, the entire industry of providing news is predicated upon encouraging a rush to judgment.  Now, I get that there is so much competition to be the first to break a story, to be the first to get an interview that caution is often thrown to the wind when it comes to facts.  This is a hallmark of our “connected” age; facts and context take back seat to being first.  Judgment is no longer a factor.  You and I are part of this feeding frenzy because we reward first rather than accuracy.  Yes, dear friends, the media is not a leader anymore, it is a follower of trends, just like our politicians.  They watch what gets our attention and give us more of the same.

The price we pay

We hear so much about the rights guaranteed to us by the second amendment but what of the concept of innocent until proven guilty?  What of the right to have our cases tried in open court rather than the media?  The more we feed the frenzy of a headline, the more our own rights vanish.   We have become a nation of of sheep, confirming judgment based on hearsay. We, as a nation have found people guilty of a crime based simply upon a headline time and time again.  I think about the Congressional candidate from the south who was accused of inappropriate conduct with a minor.  In the spirt of full disclosure, I admit this gentleman’s political views differ night and day from mine.  Still, I am saddened that when the dust settled and the truth was finally uncovered we learned he was the victim.  A victim of a bald-faced lie.  Would you want to be on the receiving end of this type of malicious activity?  What if someone from your distant past came forward and accused you of an injustice?  Wouldn’t you want the opportunity to defend yourself before being judged, tried and convicted in the media?

Defend your own rights

We cannot retain our rights to a fair trial unless we also defend the other persons right to a fair trial.  Our rush to judgment of others is also a rush to judgement upon ourselves; it is inevitable.

Living in integrity is our greatest defense.  Read It’s All About Me for some valuable methods to stay in integrity.

The Involved Observer