Keep on pouring

On your spiritual journey, sometimes the most important thing you can do is to keep on pouring.  Let me explain.  You reach the point in your spiritual evolution where what you are doing does not seem to be producing results;  you are no happier now than when you started.  This is not time to give up, it is time to redouble your efforts.  The way it was explained to me was: think of a bottle of ink.  The ink is whatever problem or problems you are having at he moment.  To clean that bottle you pour in clear water.  Some of the murkiness leaves rapidly, some remains behind.  When you reach a point of frustration, you are at this point.  If you stop now, the bottle (think of the bottle as your mind, or your heart) will never be clear.  As you continue to pour clean water into the bottle, more and more clarity is the result. This may take many repetitions, but if you keep at it, you will eventually have a clean, clear bottle (mind and heart).

Said another way

To fully embrace your spiritual journey, the old ways of being, thinking and doing must change.  Through prayer, meditation and conscious actions what you were begins to change until finally you reach the goal of a joyful, peaceful, healthful and prosperous life.  Even in the most dedicated students the old ways may find their way back into your life, so you are called upon to continue your journey in an even more conscious manner.  You are not experiencing a set-back, you are breaking through to areas you were unaware remained untouched. Good for you!

Don’t give up

This process is something I have had to do for myself many times, and continue to do even now.  This is nature of spiritual evolution.  To reach the goal, sometimes you have to go back to the starting point, which is what my book Think, Believe, Receive is about.  Read it, even if you think you have all the steps memorized already.  Begin by reading a sample by clicking on the cover below, then order your own copy.

Think Believe Receive