There is always more

Why is it so important to find a positive outlook on life?  Because there is always more, that’s why.  If you constantly see doom and misfortune around yourself, there is always more.  If you, on the other hand, constantly see love and joy around you, there is always more too.

A balanced life does not consist of putting ones head in the sand and declaring everything is perfect all the time.  A balanced life does consist of knowing that for anything that seems icky-sticky in our lives, there is a ray of sunshine within;  an understanding that even those things which seem to be misfortune hold within them a precious gift for us.  When we achieve this awareness, we can find ourselves short on cash one day, disappointed and perhaps even a little concerned, but still know that when the sun rises again we will find the way to get the money we seek, and often when we do find this funding, we discover what we needed it for the day previously no longer applies, because something else has come along, something even better.

I hear, in my own mind, some people dismissing this thought as balderdash, but even those voices remind me that there are many people for whom there is always more…more talk of positive thinking, more prattling about positive attitudes, more people showing them they are stuck in a lack mentality, and you know, they are right!

The choice is yours; there is always more doom, gloom and drama to wallow in.  There is also always more joy, peace and abundance to wallow in.  If you are interested in discovering how to live on the abundance side of life, read It’s All About Me, The Involved Observer.