Its So Precious

During the past couple years I have often written about how you and your positive energy can help turn someone elses day around.  Today I was reminded by two wonderful people how my own day can be turned around when I accept their gifts of love.

First I reminded by Reverend Dr. Abigale Albert that being a recipient of someones else’s clarity of love is a very powerful gift to receive.  Love, oneness, unity, peace, they are all around us, IF we take the time to listen for them and take them in.

Next I visited with a dear friend who was told by his doctors that he would be dead by now.  The thing is he did not take this to heart.  Instead he stood in the awareness that none of us know if we will be here in an hour, let alone six months.  What a powerful stance to take, and what a wonderful gift to share with the rest of us who choose to listen.

Life is precious.  We do not know how many more minutes we have on this earth, let alone how many more years.  Why would we choose to live this uncertain period of time in fear and anger?  Why would we choose to expend even one moment of this time spreading fear and anger?  

The late Bob Marley is quoted as saying “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we will know peace.”

Life is too precious to waste even a moment of it.  Will you stand with me in the clarity of oneness which every spiritual teaching is based upon?  

Think Believe Receive