No matter how your favorite candidate or proposition did on the ballot yesterday it is time for peace.  Peace which comes from knowing that no matter what our thoughts are, we are simply one beautiful part of a wonderful process.  Friends of mine visited Cuba recently and were met with stunned expressions as they explained that as Americans they had the freedom to vote, or not to vote.  To approve an idea or candidate or disapprove of a candidate.

What binds us together as a nation is the rule of law.  These are man-made laws to be certain, but we need them to give us continuity.  To live in a great society means we must work together to make that society even greater, and law is the means by which we do this.  As often as I have disagreed with the courts about one decision or another I still know there is a framework from which to work.  We do this work not in anger and by tearing it apart, we build upon the framework and move forward.  We do it from the place of peace or we find ourselves living in anarchy.  One only needs to look at countries where the gun is mightier than the pen.  People in those societies live in fear that the next knock on the door might be soldiers coming to execute them for their beliefs.  This is not peace.

No matter how you feel about the election results, please remember a people who live in fear cannot prosper in any way.

May peace be your guiding light.

Brian Graham, Choiceful Living Seminars