What Have We Learned?

There is nothing which happens that does not have a positive lesson somewhere within.  This week in America is no exception.  So what have we learned?  We have hopefully learned that the so-called experts in politics know little, if anything, more than you and I know.  Time has moved on and they are living in a world which no longer exists.  We have learned that when it comes to political polling we are wasting our time.  And most importantly, hopefully we have learned that social media is subject to control from people around the world, and within our country who do not have truth as their first intention.

These lessons have a profound relationship to our real lives, and here is why; when we hear anyone pontificate about what we want as a nation, we can remember that is one opinion, an opinion which supports one persons view, not necessarily what is true.  Hopefully this experience has left us less prone to being swayed by what polling tells us. And for anyone who still believes that anything posted on social media is automatically tied to facts, please take a reality check; anyone, anywhere can doctor photographs or stories to support their own agenda.

Our take-away is that if you have a dream or a goal, you do not have to be swayed by what the “experts” say, you do not have to depend upon what someone else believes people are saying, and you do not have to live under the shadow of the pranksters who create hurtful messages on social media.

You are a thinking individual, you have a perfect inner guidance which will revel to you what the real truth is.  Do not be a sheep lead to slaughter blindly.  Listen to the Universe as it speaks to you and you will not be lead astray.