Who is our Tribe?

Tribes are not limited to Native Americans, we all have Tribes of some kind.  These Tribes shift, blend, disappear then re-emerge as needed.  As events unfold in and around our lives we find ourselves identifying with one Tribe or another.  This  may a Tribe which is cheering for a High School football team, or, like myself, a Tribe called Vietnam Veterans.  Tribes give us a focal point for identification with others.  In an of themselves Tribes like this are fairly benign, however when we discover that this tribe exists ONLY for the betterment of itself we have a higher calling.

If my Tribe of Vietnam Veterans begins insisting only Vietnam Veterans are worthy of consideration for medical care or recognition, this Tribe is no longer benign, it has become malicious.  If my Tribe rooting for a High School football team begins cheering for harm to the opposing team it is no longer benign, it too has become malicious.  Sometimes we do not even recognize the change as it happens, it kind of sneaks up on us.

Call it Christ Consciousness or Buddha Conciousness or whatever you like, to wish for our own good at the expense of another’s good (animals, the planet or other people) we have stepped outside the boundaries of a Consciousness which recognizes the Oneness of all.  I am not Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, or any other specific designation for a Religious Tribe, however from my Spiritual base I know that each of us is on the right and perfect path no matter what we believe.  This is true in religion, philosophy, politics, race-relations, gender choices, what have you.

Dance, sing, pray, identify as you will within your Tribe but please remember; we are still called to a higher Tribe membership; the tribe of Humanity.  

The Involved Observer