You are not there yet!

No matter how evolved your concept of the Universe, God, First Cause, All There Is, you have not even begun to grasp the full extent of its power and love of you.

A five year old might think they have a total understanding of how the world works, and for that five year old, this is true.  A teenager has a wider understanding of the world (especially its faults) but we know there is so much more to comprehend.  As “adults” we think we finally have come to grips with the truth that the more we know, the more we know we don’t know, yet this is only the beginning of total understanding.  At this point you may think I am going to give you the ultimate truth, according to Brian Graham anyway, but hold on a moment from forming an opinion.

We are aware of truth only as broadly as our experience has informed us.  Even the greatest Masters of all time know that the entirety of the power and the love which is ours by the fact of our very existence can be comprehended by the human mind.  The real truth, the whole truth rests not in mind, rather it rests in the knowing.  This knowing too will evolve for all of us as our experience leads us on.  

Regardless of how much you know of the unknowable, there is even more to experience.  Now THAT is exciting!

Think Believe Receive