Mental Hygiene

Through our years on this planet we have thought many thoughts, been taught many things, and believed many others.  Some of these thoughts no longer serve us well, yet there they are; buried in our subconscious, still acting out as if they were our real beliefs today, even if we would scream in denial if someone pointed out to us how they are coming through.

Just as we have routines for cleansing our bodies, our teeth, our homes, even our pets for their health and well-being, perhaps we could add one more level of cleaning; our Mental Hygiene!

Many of us go from moment to moment with our busy lives.  We have scheduled  our every moment.  In this hubbub of “living” we neglect to take a little time for “being.”  We do not take time to connect with ourselves; to ask ourselves what we appreciate today, even what we appreciate this moment.  I know this is not earth-shaking news, you know you are busy.  But when we think of earth-shaking thoughts, what could be more earth-shaking than coming to appreciate ourselves and how far we have come.  Are you aware of what you are saying, really saying, at any given moment?  Most of us are not.  We live our lives from a default setting which is the product of un-examined habits, thoughts and beliefs.  

Take a moment here and there to listen to yourself as you go about your day.  Are you speaking, acting and living the way you have come to know is for your highest best?  This is mental hygiene at its best.  Avoid the trap of poisoning your future with words, actions and thoughts which no longer serve you.  Those are the topics of my second book It’s All About Me.

The Involved Observer