Hell is the place…..

Hell is the place where you get everything you want.  Heaven is the place you get everything you need.

Before you go all Biblical on me, consider this thought; what if you did live in a place where your every wish was met; where every time you put a quarter in a slot machine you hit the jackpot, where every time you pulled out of your driveway all the lights were green and no one slowed you down, where every person you met was your soul mate, where you could have your favorite meal three, four, five times a day.  At first this would be delightful, of course, but then you would have to ask yourself; “what’s the point?”  

On the other hand, when you do win a jackpot, isn’t there some great excitement?  How many wonderful things do you see while stopped at a light?  The joy of discovering that one special person and learning how to work together side-by-side is so overwhelming it makes all the other attempts pale in comparison.  And how long do you think your favorite meal would be your favorite meal if that is all you had to eat?

My philosophy is that Heaven is within all of us; we can embrace that Heaven or we can complain that Heaven has not arrived yet, that is always your choice.  If Heaven is indeed the place that everything we need is already around us then the fun is discovering where we have overlooked it.  This is the richness of the Universe, it is kind of like a really, really big game of hide and seek!  All you have to do is look around you, and I am certain you will discover that every thing you could need for complete happiness is at your fingertips.

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The Involved Observer