Thanks Giving

 Do you do the tradition where just before you dig into the mounds and mounds of food on the Thanksgiving table you go around the group and say something for which you are thankful?  Have you ever felt like a deer in the headlights when it is your turn to say your part?  Perhaps you find yourself giving thanks for the things you have, your family, maybe your health because nothing else comes to mind?  What you are experiencing is the truth that things are only part of our experience here on this planet.

We are not remembered for the things we had, nor are we valued based upon the car we drive or the home we live in.  Our true litmus test is what we have given.

Giving is service and service is giving.  What have you contributed to the world this year?  Have you been conscious of being a positive energy where ever you go?  That is service, that is giving.  Have you really listened to others, or have you simply been marking time until you can speak?  Listening is service.  Giving of your riches is wonderful, giving of yourself is even better.  Combine the two and you have a very powerful recipe.

Just a thought here, but if you can offer a word of gratitude Thursday maybe giving thanks for being able to help improve the world, even just a tiny bit, would be the greatest thanks you could give.

I thank YOU for reading this, I thank YOU for giving, I thank YOU for your service to the planet.  For all these things I am grateful.  Happy Thanksgiving.