Beyond words

I spend a far amount of time in these blogs writing about Love, how Love is the only true power, how Love will overcome all, I guess to some people there is a question about what I mean by love.  Love transcends all things, even in the human brain.  This has nothing to do with the physical attraction we often refer to as love, I mean the true expression of Love which in itself is indefinable.

In some studies I heard about recently, modern technology was attached to the brain of humans.  After defining a base-line, subjects were then lead into thoughts of Love.  The most remarkable results were noted; when Love was the focal point of the test subjects thoughts the area of the brain which deals with language and speech were quieted while the areas of the brain which deal with emotion increased in activity.

Now I am fully aware, as you are, that studies are conducted upon all manner of ideas.  Some of the results are questionable, however if you have ever found yourself in a relationship where you felt pure love (and this relationship can be with another person or your Spiritual connection) you know that you reach a place where simply saying “I Love You” is simply not enough.  Words become meaningless and sometimes we actually find ourselves speechless.  We find ourselves moved to tears perhaps.  Well, science is helping us understand why this might be so.  It seems there is a measurable physical response wherein the emotion of Love actually outshines our ability to formulate words.  

Accepting what has been done in a laboratory under specific conditions is sometimes difficult to accept, so I invite you to do your own field tests.  Watch a sunset, go into meditation, simply release yourself into thoughts about love and see if you can at the same time construct a meaningful sentence.

Think Believe Receive