The Politics of Love

Have you ever considered that when we vote we are best off coming from a place of Love?  Think about it, if you love someone you do not find yourself saying “I love you because you are the lesser of two evils” or “I will love you because because I really don’t like that other person?”  I don’t think you would be saying that at all, yet here we are, jamming social media with page after page of anti this and anti that!  It seems to me that if we support someone or some proposition we might be better served if we practice the art of Love in politics as well as in life.

The energy of love is present in every aspect of our lives; not just in relationships. No matter where you stand in the upcoming election please take a moment and ask yourself “what about this person or idea can I say I love?  Love is not conditional, it does not depend upon anger, it depends upon cooperation.  Not simply for the person or proposition on the ballot, but for those who may disagree with our choices.  Why must our choices in an election be the cause for friends to suddenly stop being friends?  Long after this election is completed and whatever decisions have been made come into being isn’t having a friend more important?  You are not going to go to the President of the United States to get comfort when your personal life is rocky, you certainly will not be able to go to a new law and ask its thoughts about a new movie, or ask it for a ride to the airport.

When you vote, vote for something rather than against another thing.  That’s the Politics of Love.

Think Believe Receive