Our own backyard

I have just concluded a trip which took me literally around the world.  As I traveled with my wonderful Lady I took hundreds, if not thousands of photos; photos of street scenes, buildings, trains, trees, places of worship and devotion, and more than a few of people.  I was so used to taking photos of everything that when I returned home it felt kind of odd not to be whipping out my tablet to capture a picture of something.  This made me begin thinking about my own neighborhood; what might someone else find interesting or photo worthy right in my own back yard.

My next realization was that we simply take our own lives for granted.  What do you think you would find right outside your door that someone from across the seas might find interesting?   I bet there is more than one thing you pass each and every day a traveler from another country would think worthy of a photo.  What this has challenged me to do is to become more aware of the little things which make up the texture of our lives.  

The next realization was that turning my eyes to the wonder of the world right in my own back yard is part of what I like to refer to as being The Involved Observer, which, by happy non-coincidence, is the sub-title of my second book; It’s All About Me, The Involved Observer.  

Much of what makes our lives so special is right under our noses, and we too often look past it.  This leads to us thinking there is nothing especially interesting going on in our lives so we loose the awareness that no matter where we live, there is something noteworthy right in our own backyards!

The Involved Observer