Locked Doors

As our dreams grow and become reality because we have been applying the ideas in Think, Believe, Receive and It’s All About Me, we sometimes find ourself at a locked door.  We reach out and turn the knob, wiggle the door and nothing happens.  At this point we often give up on that dream or begin to believe we are not worthy of living that dream.  Of course you are worthy!  If you were not worthy, the door would not be there at all, nor would your path!

There are several reasons we come upon locked doors on our path to our dreams; one might be that the door is locked because it is not the door we are supposed to take; remember, the Universe is always saying yes to us and helping us along.  Another reason we might find a locked door on our path is that we have not yet done all the preparation we need to go through that door and onto our dreams.  Again, the Universe always says yes to our dreams and guides us perfectly to the manifestation.  This one is very real to me because I am standing in front of one of those locked doors this very moment as I work toward a particular goal.  I have come to believe that the reason this particular door is locked is that I am not ready, really ready to go through that door, so I have more work to do.

And there is one more possibility, we have simply turned the knob the wrong way!  If you really do believe you are prepared wiggle that sucker!  And maybe give a door a little push too!  Happy Manifesting!

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