Peaceful, not calm

Is there a difference between being peaceful and being calm?  It may be a fine point, but yes, there is a difference. Being calm Life is messy.  Life is challenging.  Life calls us to respond to all manner of input on less than a moment’s notice.  Is it any wonder that often our lives cannot […]

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Keep on pouring

On your spiritual journey, sometimes the most important thing you can do is to keep on pouring.  Let me explain.  You reach the point in your spiritual evolution where what you are doing does not seem to be producing results;  you are no happier now than when you started.  This is not time to give

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Sometimes the path ends

Sometimes you are zipping through life and the path ends.   All the things that seemed to be going so well suddenly seem to be difficult.  You are think you are alone. This happens everyday. Why the path seems to end. I was walking a labyrinth today, enjoying the bliss of meditation when I came

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My friend Ashtar

One of my dearest friends happens to be an Ascended Master by the name of Ashtar.   Ashtar is channeled by my beautiful bride, Terrie Symons.  Terrie and I will be in Sedona, Arizona on February 9, 10 & 11 with an event called Love, Ascension and Beyond.  I will be talking about better communication

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Time to get away!

This special weekend is coming up very soon.  If these blogs have piqued your interest in any way, I invite you to join us in Sedona, Arizona February 9, 10 & 11, 2018 for a remarkable weekend that will add so much to your life,  Explore metaphysical experiences, speak to an Ascended Master, improve your

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A Time to Rest

As we jump into 2017 many of us have made plans, lots of plans for what this year will bring.  We have made plans to do, do, do things, things, things.  As IN-powering as this may be sometimes the most powerful thing we can do is…..nothing.   As we do, do, do we must take

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In the Silence

Information comes at us at such an amazing pace these days; internet, television, radio, billboards, heck, even our phones are pumping information at us constantly.  Keeping in touch with the world is not an issue anymore; keeping in touch with ourselves has become our most pressing challenge.  We can loose ourselves in the sheer volume

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Take a deep breath!

Is the world closing in on you?  Are things happening too quickly to keep track?  Do you feel like you just want to scream sometimes?  Take a deep breath! Every interaction we have is based in vibration.  Some people come to us with vibrations so powerful they can overwhelm us; sometimes it is just that

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Walking the Path

How often have you heard someone question if they are on the right path for their life?  This is such a huge question; how DO we know that what we have chosen to do is indeed the right path for us?  There are some clues; if you have to struggle to meet the day, you

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Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind the voices in our heads which chatter on endlessly about stuff which distracts us from being productive or at peace. You know what I am talking about, those voices which tell us repeatedly how so and so is making our lives difficult, that if this would happen our lives would be so much better,

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