Sometimes the path ends

Sometimes you are zipping through life and the path ends.   All the things that seemed to be going so well suddenly seem to be difficult.  You are think you are alone. This happens everyday.

Why the path seems to end.

I was walking a labyrinth today, enjoying the bliss of meditation when I came to a section covered in mud.  Recent rains had washed debris over a portion of the labyrinth hiding a portion of the pathway.  It took me a few moments to shift gears from “being in the bliss” to thinking things out, but when I stepped back I could again see the path.

We often find ourselves of immersed in the path that we loose the larger picture.  This calls to us to take a moment or two to rediscover where it is we want to go.  The path rarely ends.  It is only our perception that it ends that has us perplexed.

Of course, it could be that we have strayed off the path entirely.  We missed a turn signal, or were moving too quickly.  In either case, the path has not ended, we simply need to refresh ourselves as to our goals.  As I have written in the past; we are only responsible for the what, not the how in achieving our dreams.  The how is done on a much higher pay scale than ours.

Sometimes it is a matter of faith.

Because we know the how is done by powers far beyond our personal powers, it may be we have tried to “drive the bus.”  When we presume to know the infinite-in-action we are setting ourselves up for failure.  Because we are part of an interwoven structure of perfection we can rely upon the infinite to support us.  When we forget to work in cooperation with that infinite we hit a wall.  Fortunately, the Universe is very forgiving.  When we find ourselves deep in the weeds instead of on the path, stop.  The analogy is; when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!  Trust.  Trust that your path is lighted now, and always will be.

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