Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind the voices in our heads which chatter on endlessly about stuff which distracts us from being productive or at peace.

You know what I am talking about, those voices which tell us repeatedly how so and so is making our lives difficult, that if this would happen our lives would be so much better, if that had not happened we would be further ahead.  If we want to meditate, or simply contemplate the Monkey Mind jumps and and distracts us.  But my friend, there is a cure for the common monkey mind!  You have it within you right now.  Picture a lake, or the ocean or a river with white caps, tossed by the wind and anything but placid.  Now, concentrate on that body of water and see the white caps calm, see the body of water as smooth, reflecting its surroundings.  This may take a few moments, or even minutes, but it will happen.  Soon the body of water will look like a postcard photo.  What you have done is still the monkey mind, you have calmed your thought process, and from this point clarity of thought and action can resume.

As your cheerleader in the process of IN-powerment I recommend you do this anytime you recognize you are being controlled by the monkey mind.  My prescription is to begin doing this anytime you hear the monkeys winding up, and then move to doing this process just for fun and because when the monkey mind finally shuts up the feeling of serenity is like a vacation right in your own chair.  

The monkey mind is part of ourselves but it does not have to control us.  We are in control of where we place our thoughts.  Monkeys are cute in the zoo, not so cute when they run our lives.

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