From the Sanskrit, a Mantra is a short phrase that is used in certain Spiritual practices.  You might also think of it as an invocation or incantation.  Adherents repeat their mantra over and over in an attempt to connect with God or place themselves in a place of receptivity for the good they seek to […]

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Stop thinking

Stop thinking!  No, not forever, just long enough to get back to living.  Living is when we stop thinking about all we do not have, and relax into all that we do have.  When we can take pleasure in gazing at the stars and experiencing  the Unlimited rather than focusing on the inconvenience of finding

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The First Step

The first step in any change is releasing the idea that no change is necessary.  Put another way, change can only take place when our beliefs in our old limitations end.   Our ingrained beliefs are very powerful things.  They can actually set up protective barriers to prevent them being released.  They are self-protecting and

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It ain’t perfect!

No, life ain’t perfect, but it’s good!  yes, life unfolds perfectly, we are at the right place at the right time, we are learning the perfect lessons for what we want or have asked to learn, the perfect people are drawn to us and are around us all the time, there is no question about

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I love being me

If you are feeling blah about life.  If you are doubting your self-worth, if you are beginning to think “they” are right- you will never amount to anything greater than what you were, there is a simple step you can take to help break through to the new and higher level; look into the mirror

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Never say never

Besides being most of the title of a James Bond movie, never saying never is a pretty good course of action.  The Universe has a wonderful way of taking that “never” and turning it right back on us, sometimes in the most delightful manner! I have written about my involvement with the All American Soap

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Day one of the All American Soap Box Derby Championships for 2014.  Today I had the honor of working with almost 500 champions and their families as they were welcomed to Akron.  Here is my take-away: For almost every one of these racers there is a chance, a good chance that on Saturday THEY will

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