Self justification is not your friend

We define self justification as being… making excuses for our actions

One of the things we all seem to be good at doing is justifying our actions.  More more importantly, we self justify our inactions.  At the drop of a hat we can come up with dozens of reasons why we did not do something that had been important to us. Ironically this self justification occurs even when doing this thing might have provided us with more money or a more satisfying life experience.  For instance; have you ever self justified not doing something that would improve your relationships?  Valid, or invalid, we make excuses for our actions.

Justification is not our friend

The phrases “Could-a, should-a and would-a” are not our friends.  These words become lost opportunities as we make our way to more appreciation of our self worth, and highest potential.  “I could have said I am sorry.”  “I should have said you’re right, I was wrong.”  “If I had thought, I would have helped.”  These self justifications all represent missed opportunities to improve our lives.  In effect we are limiting ourselves.

What can we do?

Now, before we rush to  self justify our actions, and step into a steaming pile of guilt and blame, let’s remind ourselves that the past is the past and we cannot change the past.  All we can truly do is make the commitment to ourselves that RIGHT NOW we will not resort to self justifications for what we did not do.  We resolve in our heart of hearts to begin doing what we know to be right, NOW.

In my book Think, Believe, Receive, Three Steps to an Amazing Life, I explore the power of now.  When we refuse to spend time lamenting the past and more time looking to what we can do right now to achieve our goals, magical things happen.   Magical things happen very quickly.  When we turn our thoughts to believing we can accomplish every wonderful thing that has been in our hearts, our limitations drop away.  As we loose our self-imposed limitations our doubts fade away.  The inevitable result is that we find ourselves receiving so much good in our lives that we will wonder why we waited so long to love ourselves just that little bit more.

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