The last place we look

“I found it in the last place I looked.”  Now, isn’t that a funny saying?  I mean, once you found it, why would you continue to look? That being said, we spend so much time and effort looking for inspiration, peace, love and prosperity, yet we overlook the one place that is the true final […]

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Updating your life

Throughout my life I have been known as someone who does not change easily.  I tend to choose the same clothing styles year after year, wear the same brand of watch for decades, and view with a jaundiced eye when someone comes along telling me I need to update this part of my life or

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Bringing out the best

The greatest of those we call leaders have had several things in common;  they have called us forward into cooperation and called us to see the oneness in ourselves and our world.  The weakest of our leaders also have something in common; they prey upon our fears of others and play upon our lowest selves. Of course

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Getting inspiration

I have discovered I love to write.  For the longest time it was my belief that I could not write well, probably because some teacher or other told me my essay was lacking, that the way these things come into our belief system.  And it is why it is so important for us to review

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Off shore wisdom

We spend a great deal of time and effort looking for inspiration and wisdom, peace, love and prosperity outside ourselves; as though the only answers to our desires must come from an “off shore source.”  As Dr. Phil might ask; “How is that working for you?” In almost every instance what you are seeking is already within

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Looking for inspiration

Are you looking for the inspiration about how begin a project, or maybe the inspiration as to how to complete a task?  In my first book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life, I discuss exactly how this is done.  You see, to even conceive of a task means you are capable of

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