Getting inspiration

I have discovered I love to write.  For the longest time it was my belief that I could not write well, probably because some teacher or other told me my essay was lacking, that the way these things come into our belief system.  And it is why it is so important for us to review our thinking once in a while.

Today I am celebrating the release of my fourth book; The Lady Ashtar Story.  This is a biography of a remarkable woman, Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar, who has become the center of my life.  That being said; her story is one of inspiration I know you will find fascinating even if you are not a devotee of Trance Channels.  

We draw inspiration from others because they spark something within us, something that calls to us.  In another blog I will be writing about this concept in more depth, but let me just say I found Terrie’s life one of inspiration as I wrote this biography.  

I think we all had “imaginary” friends when we were little people, but we were expected to let those friends go as we grew older.  In this case, happily, Terrie did not let her friend go, in fact, she learned to incorporate that friend more and more into her life until today,  we know that friend as the eleventh dimension Ascended Master, Ashtar–the Ambassador of Love.

I find inspiration in this story, if for no other reason, than Terrie trusted herself.  She trusted herself to know what was real, and what was truly imagination.  I am inspired at the trials she has undergone to bring this voice, this love, into our world despite the many opportunities she has had to forego her own truth in favor of what others felt was was right and appropriate.

You can get your own copy of The Lady Ashtar Story at Amazon and see for yourself what “letting go and letting God” can truly mean