The last place we look

“I found it in the last place I looked.”  Now, isn’t that a funny saying?  I mean, once you found it, why would you continue to look?

That being said, we spend so much time and effort looking for inspiration, peace, love and prosperity, yet we overlook the one place that is the true final place to discover all these things, and more!  What we are seeking does not exist beyond our selves; it is already within us, we simply have to take the time to listen and stop trying to create something that already exists.

When we look at another person and tell ourselves; “They are so peace-filled”, or, “They are so prosperous.”  What we are seeing is not them, it is ourselves!  You see, it is not possible to recognize something within another that does not already exist within ourselves already!  The same thing applies when we step into judgment and say to ourselves; “They are so rude!”  Or perhaps we find ourselves saying; “They are so thoughtless.”  These are issues that are active within ourselves right now too.  They are also reminders to ourselves to be more thoughtful, less rude.  Isn’t it cool how that works!  We cannot envision something in other people that does not first exist within ourselves.

If you seek to find love, as the old saying goes; first be love. Then and only then can you discover the love that is already present.  Everything we seek is already within us and just as the great sculptures were made by chipping away all the rock that was not part of that statue, we too have only to chip away from ourselves anything that is not love, peace, harmony, prosperity, health, joy.

So get out those chisels and start unveiling the greatness that is you!

The Involved Observer