Updating your life

Throughout my life I have been known as someone who does not change easily.  I tend to choose the same clothing styles year after year, wear the same brand of watch for decades, and view with a jaundiced eye when someone comes along telling me I need to update this part of my life or that part of my life.  Does this sound familiar?  Is this you or someone you know?

I recently took on the responsibility for maintaining and updating the web site for my beautiful bride, Terrie Symons, who is also known as Lady Ashtar.  That is the point where I had to shed a whole bunch of ideas of what I could do and what I could not do.  I had to update my life, update my life story.  There is nothing like a new challenge to call us upward.  My story was that I did not know much about web sites, but here I am hip-deep in web sites, and guess what; sometimes it takes a little assistance but I can do it!  I was even inspired to update my own web site with a video shot in Fresno when I did a television show with Reverend Steve Walling.  You may have been in the habit of simply reading these blogs and not following the link to the web page, but I invite you to update your life and do just that right after you finish reading this blog.  I added the video of the TV show to my web site.  This video has so many examples of exactly what I have been writing about for the past four years right here, and all you have to do is watch.  

Join me in updating your life with a new way to get your inspiration and deeper understandings about this idea of being in control of your life.  Choicefullivingseminars.com.

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