Independence Day!

Yep, here we are on the eve of Independence Day for our nation.  Most certainly the deeper meaning of this day will get lost somewhere between the bbq and fireworks, so let me take a moment and invite you to think about what independence means; it means to severe the ties the allow others to define what we are.

This is our nations Independence Day, but it could be your Independence Day as well!  When we release the idea that our lives are controlled by others and accept the responsibility for creating the life we want; that is independence.  When we stop blaming others for the life we have and step into the realization that we have called this experience upon ourselves, and if it is not to our liking, we can change it by changing our thinking; that is independence.  When we accept responsibility for our own actions (not blame, responsibility) we are declaring our own independence. 

Our lives are the product of everything that has come through our lives, everything.  Most of what has come into our lives has come in the form of other people’s ideas and become our own ideas because we simply have so much input it is difficult to screen for accuracy and applicability the data that comes into our live, but today is the day. Right now is the time; declare your own independence, look at your life as the Involved Observer:  look at what is working, what is not working, and in both cases decide what part of those implanted idea to keep and which to discard.

Declare your own independence day and take control of your life.  Read It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer.  You can get your copies at Amazon books.

The Involved Observer