Bringing out the best

The greatest of those we call leaders have had several things in common;  they have called us forward into cooperation and called us to see the oneness in ourselves and our world.  The weakest of our leaders also have something in common; they prey upon our fears of others and play upon our lowest selves.

Of course we cannot blame anyone but ourselves when we find ourselves being manipulated, we, after all, are responsible for which call we respond to.  I have been called to follow a leader whose only message is love.  Love for ourselves, love for others, love for our planet and the universe.  

This leader is called Ashtar, an Ascended Master who has been instrumental in guiding me to ever higher highs in all aspects of my life.  Ashtar is brought to this planet through the person of Terrie Symons, or if you prefer; Lady Ashtar.  It is this combination who are the subject of my latest book; The Lady Ashtar Story.  To say Terrie’s life is inspirational is an understatement.  She has gone through so many trials, so many ups and downs, and more than a few experiences which, I freely admit, would turn what hair I have left pure white overnight, and yet through her faith of God, she has become one of the most powerful trance channels in today’s world.

And this brings me back to my original statements; I always have a choice as to whom I will listen.  I always have a choice as to what messages I will promote to myself and others.  I like to think that this guidance has helped me bring out the best in myself and all those with whom I come in contact.

This is your formal invitation to see for yourself what an inspirational woman looks like and what her message is: get a copy or twelve of  The Lady Ashtar Story and see for yourself.