Just ahead

I am living my dream, life is so good that sometimes I feel just a tad guilty that I have all these blessings surrounding me (OK, not all that guilty!).  But what I know so clearly is that no matter how perfect today seems, no matter how fulfilling my life is today, the true realization of my dreams is just ahead.

Each time I step into this dream I realize that the glow of today will tarnish in the sunrise tomorrow if I do not update my dream constantly.  If I do not update my idea of a dream life I will become complacent, even dissatisfied with my life no matter how good it is.

One of the things you may have been taught is not to get greedy, not to wish for too much, yet our Source; The Universe, God, The Force, does not know large dreams from small dreams, it simply responds to our requests.  It is right and perfect to see beyond our today as it is, into a tomorrow which is even more wonderful.

A small word of caution is warranted here: it is perfect to dream larger for tomorrow, but the only place we have to create that larger dream is in our today.  Gratitude for what we already have is essential.  Look at your today, regardless of how it looks and say thank you.

Once you have a clear idea of how tomorrow might be even more pleasing, begin to visualize that dream.  Do not take it upon yourself to write the “how” of that manifestation; the Universe has that covered in ways you cannot even image, but it is up to you to be clear about how you will feel.  The best is just ahead!

Fortunately there is a guidebook to help you along this path.  It is called Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life.  Get your copy at Amazonbooks.com 

Think, Believe, Receive