Industry of Fear

Advertising, movies, television, politics, big pharma and insurance companies are all examples of the Industry of Fear.  Those institutions and activities which have one driving force; to scare us into doing something they want.

Education, housing, science, art and social responsibility are areas which do just the opposite; they are Industries of Possibility.  No wonder the first group is so interested in minimizing the second group.

The simplest way to get us to do something is to scare us into an action, the most difficult way to get us to do something is through reason and cooperation.  This is because we do not take the time to become our own Involved Observers; we do not stop to ask ourselves why we are afraid.  We too often re-act from default positions and old beliefs even when they no longer serve us.

One the way to finding your true self; to finding the true greatness which is inside you right now, you will have to walk through the field of the Involved Observer, otherwise you will remained trapped in unrealized dreams, half-experienced lives and growing dissatisfaction with yourself.

By no means is it the final say on the subject, but I humbly suggest you might find a good starting place in my book It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer.  In this book you will find tools to help you release the old way of being and become the new way you want to be.  

Reject the call of the Industry of Fear.  Turn instead to the call which has been rising within you for your entire life; the call to be all you can dream.  Because your happiness is, All About You!

The Involved Observer