Forgiving myself

I am in the process of forgiving myself for not posting three blogs last month.  Over the years I have been pretty good at maintaining that pace of writing, but last week, well, there were airplanes, relationship things to maintain and post vacation fatigue.  As I look at this explanation I realize these were simply […]

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Just when you think

I have an amazing wife.  Terrie Symons is a Trance Channel who works with an entity named Ashtar, but this blog is not about the channeling, it is about our expectations of life and how they can surprise us in the most delightful ways. As part of her business Terrie accepts payments through PayPal.  We

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Our memories are fiction

Yes, our memories are fiction; fiction created by our minds to reconcile our experiences with our ability to perceive.  When I think back to my early childhood I have a limited number of memories.  I remember wandering free in our neighborhood, going to the Swan Boats in Boston with a neighbor, watching Godzilla on a

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In Our Image

Every time we address a situation we bring every one of our preconceived notions right along with us.  How we deal with new people  in or lives, how we hear others say what they say, what we expect to find in any given situation are all colored by what we have experienced in the past.

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You get an A+

Those of us who were schooled during the 1950’s through the 80’s were schooled in the paradigm of the Industrial Age, even though the Industrial Age had long passed.  We were taught to think via specific processes; processes which served well as our country made its transition from an agricultural society to the “modern age.”  Science

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In the book It’s All About Me I have an entire chapter about the pitfalls of Assumptions and Expectations I think you will enjoy, and Don Miguel Ruiz also wrote of Assumptions as his third agreement in the book The Four Agreements.   How many times have assumptions become the bane of your experience? How many

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If I let go

What would it look like if you just let go?  Just let go of your expectations about how things should work, who should be in charge, when something is supposed to happen.  What if you let go of trying to make things happen, and instead simply get a goal in mind, then trust that the

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Those Lying Eyes

Some people labor under the misconception that we communicate most effectively on the visual plane, but your eyes will lie to you!  Have you ever looked at one of those hidden image posters which were so popular in the 90’s?  You could look at it for hours an see only the upper image, but if

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Nothing Truly Exists

Nothing truly exists. Can you embrace this idea?  We have walked up to this idea step by step.  If you have yet to read the two previous blogs, please do so now so we can be on the same page. If nothing truly exists except where we give our attention, then how truly real is whatever

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