How to have a fulfilling relationship

I am going to tell you how to have a completely fulfilled relationship, and you do not have to purchase anything, you do not have to respond by midnight, and this is not limited to the first 100 callers.  Are you ready?  Take notes now; the key to having a successful, fulfilled relationship is knowing what you want from that relationship.  See, no fireworks, no mumbo jumbo.  Know what you want and do not expect anything else.  If something else is added, great, but do not expect the other part of the relationship to fulfill parts you don’t even know about.

Too often we go out looking for relationships (and it does not matter if this is a romantic relationship, a business relationship or a financial relationship in the end they all come back to the same place: meeting expectations) without knowing what it is we want from that relationship.

When we are unclear as to what we want in a relationship, how in the world can any relationship ever feel fulfilled?  I know in my business the most common cause of hurt feelings is the failure for all parties to understand what is expected.   

Now, I wish I could provide you with some magical method, some smoke and mirrors, a little flash, but the truth is, when we are unclear as to who we are and what we want, no relationship will prove itself to be fulfilling in the long run.  That is the bad news, the good news is YOU are the one who determines what that relationship goal is, and you are the one who can re-define the boundaries, just be sure to let the other party know the rules are changing!

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