Chaos Reigns!

When we hear or see the word Chaos we have been taught to think of things out of control, of things not working, of danger! In fact my Websters dictionary does indeed include a rather pejorative suggestion that chaos is a confused mass or mixture.  This, however follows three other definitions, which all reflect a wholly different appreciation for this much maligned word.

Chaos is the place where all things are possible, they simply have not formed completely enough to determine what that something will be.  So, you see, if your office is in chaos, cheer!  Things are in flux, and those aspects of the office you did not like to begin with can be altered to better suit you, or perhaps for you to better suit it!

Once things are set, and I mean set-set, as in unchangeable, life gets to be very static.  One thing this world is not, is static.  To thrive in this world, one must be prepared to shift gears, make adjustments, review, eliminate and add on short notice.  Remaining static means death!  (perhaps that is too dramatic) Means loss of market position and future streams of revenue.  Even if your office is the PTA, or Little League, Chaos can be our friend.  Uncertainty is sometimes refreshing and the clearer image of what your goal is, uncertainty is your greatest ally.

So, now that you know what Chaos really is, look into it!  Should someone tell you your desk is chaotic, say “thank you, I love creation in progress!”Choiceful Living Seminars more infoThe Involved Observer