Love those little boxes!

Those little boxes, you know the ones I mean, the boxes which define who we are, what we believe, who we should like, or dislike. The little boxes which define how much we should earn, where we should live (in a little box of course!).  Those little boxes are so comforting.  they keep us warm and cozy. I have my relationship in  a little box too, just so I know exactly what the relationship is.  From within our little boxes no one can hurt us.

OK, those little boxes are great, until we encounter a situation which does not fit into the little box we are trying to stuff it into.  Until we encounter a person who simply refuses to stand still long enough to be put in one of those boxes then the whole darn box structure comes apart like a cheap cardboard box in the rain.

Living and having our being in those little boxes can indeed be comforting, we can be as comfortable as we want as the world moves on past us, as joy and excitement swirl around us, and we never have to participate.  Oh yes, those little boxes are wonderful!  How many people had to go looking for new jobs because they had constructed a comfortable box making telephones for Ma Bell?  Those jobs were wonderful little boxes, but the boxes became traps.

Life is not static.  Nature, by it’s very being must move forward, the Universe creates only in a forward direction, never backwards, and certainly never standing still. 

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The Involved Observer