Please Like Me!!!

I guess somewhere along the line the phrase “like me” has shifted from being a needy demand and therefore not especially desirable, to being a perfectly normal, healthy  request.  Honestly, I am having a little challenge around that!

I do know we have entered a “like” race wherein pages with the most “likes” are deemed more worthy than those with fewer “likes.”  I have been paying attention and have seen that the number of “likes” has nothing to do with the content of a page, or a review, or any other type of posting, I mean it’s just a wide-spread version of junior high school.  Some people actually develop the need to have more “likes” than their friends, as a value of their own worth.  Computer age aside, this is unhealthy.  This type of behavior, the do anything to get noticed cannot be life affirming.  Instead of wondering what Janie thinks of us, or Robbie thinks of us, we have turned away from the personal relationship, no matter how flawed that might have been, to a totally anonymous version of the same game.  

At it is our goal to help you IN-power your life so we would like to point-out that establishing your self-worth based upon how many others consider you worthy is a self-destructive path.  If your page does not get as many likes as another, if you do not have as many “followers” as someone else, this is not a reflection of you.  Please remember this.  You are valued no matter how many respond to your every thought.

Now that I have said that I have a request: PLEASE LIKE ME!! CLS has a face book page, It’s All About Me has a face book page, and Think, Believe, Receive has a face book page, the books each have places on-line to review them, PLEASE Like Me!  Thank you!Brian K. Graham

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