You are right again!

“I just knew that would happen!” “I knew it wasn’t going to work.”  Have you ever heard yourself saying things like this?  You got to be right again, isn’t that great?  The thing is, most of the time we say these things, we are saying them about things not working out successfully.  We say these things when the outcome does  not satisfy us, but please, take a moment and think about what you are saying: you are saying “I knew this would not work, but I went ahead and did it.  Now isn’t that an interesting approach to life; doing things you know will be unsuccessful just so you can be right?

Did you really mean you could foretell the outcome of an event, and if you could foretell the outcome why did you not choose an alternative approach? 

All this discussion really does is underscore one of the great principles of life: our perception proves itself in our life, every time.  Which leads us to realize that should we wish a different outcome, then all we have to do is shift our perception from “I knew that would fail” to “I can find a way to make this work.” 

What you experience in your life is the result of how and what you think: from the relationship you have to the job you hold, to how you feel physically.  I understand that is a bit much for some people to embrace, because some people prefer to work from the lack side of life rather than the possible side of life.  The only question which remains is; which side do you prefer?

 I spend a great deal of time in my latest book It’s All About Me discussing the scientific reasons for this (yes there is hard science to back up this position) and I offer some ideas as to how you might change this around to work for you rather than against you.  You have my wholehearted invitation to click on the book cover below and read some of the thoughts for yourself.  Then of course, my wholehearted invitation to purchase it too!

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