Just for the fun of it.

“If it ain’t fun, I ain’t doing it.” Many of my friends have heard me say this, it usually gets at least a little chuckle; sometimes the response is “now that’s the right attitude!”  But, is it the truth?  I love to share my ideas about living an IN-powered life with you, and sometimes I have to call myself on the carpet and ask myself, “are you living what you teach?”

Most of us are doing exactly what we want to do, no matter what it looks like on the outside.  We have dressed up the motivation behind doing whatever it is by saying we have to do this work to get paid, or I am doing this out of obligation to someone else,  but I have to ask when was the last time you could not come up with an excuse for not doing something you truly did not want to do?  You see, if we are doing it, we have made a choice; do this and get that, or don’t do this and get that.  No one can force us to do anything. We make our choices.  Sometimes the choice is between having your spouse ticked-off or just sucking it up and doing it, sometimes the choice is literately between life and death.  Either way, we have made the choice, so, if we are making a choice, why not decide to think of it as fun in some way rather than a drudge, an obligation, or a pain in the posterior?  Deciding to have fun takes just the same amount of energy as deciding to be angry.

You see, It’s All About Me.  I invite you to investigate my latest book by that title and read more about how your thoughts shape your life and your experiences. Just follow the links below.   Enjoy!

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