Just when you think

I have an amazing wife.  Terrie Symons is a Trance Channel who works with an entity named Ashtar, but this blog is not about the channeling, it is about our expectations of life and how they can surprise us in the most delightful ways.

As part of her business Terrie accepts payments through PayPal.  We recently set up a new account but along the way the incorrect address was added to receive the payments.  Many hundreds of dollars were misdirected to someone else’s account before the issue was discovered.  The default belief around this money was that it was most likely lost or that it would take a great deal of effort to recover.  Just when you think these things something wonderful happened.  The man to whom the money was sent, once we contacted him, not only agreed that an innocent mistake had been made, he sent us a full accounting of every transaction since the account had been established and within the day had contacted PayPal and returned to us every penny.  He wants nothing for his efforts, in fact he has declined any form of thanks.

Just when you think the world is populated primarily by people who would take advantage of this situation, a lesson is remembered; by far the world is populated with wonderful people.  All it takes is to allow yourself to remember that not everyone is marching down the street carrying torches yelling hateful words, not everyone is trying to get over on us, not everyone has abandoned integrity as their guideline.  Yes, it is very easy to believe the worst of people, but it is just as easy to believe the best of people too.

I invite you to discover more about my remarkable wife in her biography The Lady Ashtar Story, and Tim Cunningham, thank you for the reminder; good prevails.