The humdrum of life

How often have you thought to yourself “my life is boring.  I wish I could travel or have some adventure in my life.”  I totally resonate with you in this thought, however, speaking from the perspective of someone who has traveled across the entire pacific ocean eight times, and around the world once during the past 12 months I can tell you honestly that the humdrum of life serves as a grounding for everything else that happens.  It also serves as a springboard for greater things.

As the creative beings we are, every word we speak to ourselves serves as kind of a prayer, a demand on the Universe if you will, for things to change.  When we find ourselves doing exactly the same things every day; going to work, cleaning the house, preparing dinner, watching TV, going to bed, then getting up and doing the same thing day after day, it is natural to imagine ourselves doing something more adventurous.  As we contemplate how we would like to see our lives we are sending out into the Creative Force our thoughts, and as we know, thoughts become things.  Depending upon how focused we are on these thoughts the Universe always supplies in the affirmative.  We find ourselves suddenly in the position of being able to travel or visit new places, but most often we find ourselves making excuses for not doing the travel; I can’t afford it, I can’t take time off the job, any of thousands of excuses.

Inevitably we begin to believe our lives are boring again.  Please remember, it is not life that is boring or limited, it is our own capacity to see beyond this moment, jump at the opportunity and trust the Universe to supply everything we need to embrace what we have sought.

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Think Believe Receive