Your life is a reflection of your thinking.

A cluttered mind results in a cluttered desk.  (I see this all around me right now).  If I reach a point where I cannot seem to put two ideas together I will stop and clear my desk of the clutter.   If I do not clear my desk I keep glancing over and mentally filing those invoices and statements, which interferes with my thinking.

A home decorated with every memento of the past reflects thinking more of the past than the present.  A dirty car reflects the belief we do not deserve to be bright shiny people.  Incomplete projects suggest a reluctance to move into the future and the next project.

What does this mean to us day after day?  It means you can control your life by taking control of your surroundings.  It means that our surroundings can keep us from moving ahead.  We are not subject to any conditions other than the conditions we place around us.

This idea also applies to our communication with others.  If we are uncertain about how we are communicating, which energy is active within us, our words and messages are confused.  This is one of the reason I wrote Bear and Butterfly, to help us all (yes, even myself) understand what I am saying, and why.  This leads to more powerful communication throughout every aspect of our lives.

The sub title of B&B is THE Relationship Handbook, because we are our most important relationship.  How we think about ourselves governs every aspect of our relationships with others.  I invite you to stop being confused about your own energies by reading Bear and Butterfly, it is just a few clicks away at