Nothing Truly Exists

Nothing truly exists. Can you embrace this idea?  We have walked up to this idea step by step.  If you have yet to read the two previous blogs, please do so now so we can be on the same page.

If nothing truly exists except where we give our attention, then how truly real is whatever is weighing so heavily upon your heart?  How truly real is the anger you feel with your partner?  How true is your fear about standing in your own self, proud of who and what you are? They are only as real as you make them.

We create life scenarios, populate them with “what-if’s”, with lack and limitation, discord or unity, again I say, It Is All About YOU!

At Choiceful Living Seminars we think of IN-powering as a tool for each of us to recognize how powerful we are as the creators of our lives, how we can create success after success in the same time we previously created failure after failure. We are the co-creators of our experiences.  What this discussion has been all about is taking responsibility for our own actions and successes.  This is about ceasing to blame the economy, the government, our neighbor or our parents for where we are right now, and where we can go.  

No problem, challenge or quandary can stand in the way of someone who has accepted their IN-powerment.  None of these things can hold back our power to be part of a solution IF we approach the situation with the proper mental attitude because nothing which resembles problems, challenges or quandary’s  truly exist, except in our thinking.  Are you ready to accept your responsibility?  Are you ready to be IN-powered?  Are you ready to be successful? Contact Choiceful Living Seminars and let’s get started booking a conference, shall we?

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