You Don’t Exist

Sometime in my past I was told a common Native American belief was that when we die, everything and everybody else ceases to exist. Maybe this is a common Native American concept, maybe not, but if we follow the premise and add my previous blog to the equation, the idea does not seem all that far-fetched after all. 

For instance, at this very moment are you worrying about the 200 girls held by a group of Islamic militants somewhere in Africa?  Does this mean there are not 200 girls being held in Africa? No, for them this experience is very real, however, it is only when our attention turns to them that they take form in our consciousness at all, it is only when we turn our attention to them that they become real.  If this is true of those 200 girls, that they do not exist until we think about them, would not the same be true of you and me if no one was thinking about us?

If I personally, am unaware of the business decision you have to make in the morning, for me that life-defining decision simply does not exist, and by the way, neither do you until I turn my attention to you.  

Now let’s give this airy-fairy concept a “real” world trial run.  As I write in my second book, It’s All About Me (as yet unpublished) we are all functioning in the reality that what exists or does not exist is totally dependent upon how much attention we give it.  You see, It Is All  About You (and me!).

What ever challenge, problem or heartache is sitting astride your path, it is only as insurmountable, or as resolvable, as you choose to make it. The office discord is only as distracting as you choose it to be, the promotion you seek is only as achievable as you think it is, the perfect relationship is only as far away as you make it.

Yes, there is more… time.

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