I Don’t Exist

Don’t stop to think about it, just answer these questions: how tall am I?  Am I 6′ tall or 5’2″.  Do I weigh 325 pounds or 98 pounds?  Do I have a high voice or a bass voice?  The answer to these questions: I am all of them, and dozens of more things depending upon YOUR thoughts.  I exist only in YOUR mind.  You create your reality.

I enjoy walking through my neighborhood late at night.  The ambient sounds of traffic merge into the white noise of life and my thoughts are free to come forward.  As I did my walk tonight I found myself over-looking several streets from above. Each street was lined with houses, silent in the night, yet within each of those houses were live people living rich lives.  Some of those houses would be filled with love, others would be filled with fear. Which house was which, I was free to decide from my vantage point, yet at the same time, to the folks having those lives within those houses, I do not exist.  They are totally unaware of my existence.

Why is this awareness important?  Consider for a moment the problem which has kept you up nights, tossing and turning.  That problem exists only because you have given it life.  You have filled in all the colors and tones of that problem and given it life.  The problem exists to the extent you give it life, give it dominion over your own life. Those huge problems exist as huge problems no more than what I look like, weigh or sound like are a problem to keep you awake.

For every question there is a solution if, and only if we stop looking at it as problem and begin looking at it as an opportunity to understand something better.  If I, a flesh and blood, physical being, do not exist, what are the chances that something so ephemeral as an unsolvable problem exist?

More on this topic next time.

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