Save me from Savings Time

So, did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep this weekend?  Or did we actually loose an hour of sleep, let’s see, Spring ahead, Fall down, is that how it goes?  Honestly, I spend more time trying to remember if we gained or lost an hour than the actual hour anyway.  

If you are nodding your head, agreeing with me here you are experiencing the power of making a connection through the power of the complaint.  This is a false power, it creates connections which are based upon discord.  Sure, once in a while it is a hoot to complain about someone or some thing but if complaining about things to each other is the only connection you and I have, it will soon get boring and you will probably turn on me and complain to a third party about how I complain too much. 

The IN-powered person does not look to make contact through complaint, nor through the complaint about complaining. The IN-powered person is aware the temptation to complain is there, the opportunity is there, but the IN-powered person knows the real power lies not in the complaint, but in the resolution.  The resolution can only be achieved by going to the source of the complaint, and being part of the solution, or at least suggesting a solution.

Being known as the person who can help create solutions is far more powerful than being known as the person who is best at complaints.  Just saying……. 

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