Our Costumes

Tonight many of us will open our doors to hob-goblins, ghosts and ghouls of countless descriptions.  Do you recall that the purpose of wearing these costumes can be traced back to the tradition of one night a year, wearing on the outside what we are afraid of on the inside?  Many of us are afraid of death, so we wear costumes depicting death to take away its power over us.  Sometimes we wear costumes which reflect what we would like to be: a prince or princess, a character from a favorite movie, because it brings us joy.  Either way we don these costumes to make ourselves feel better one night a year. We know they are just temporary, for fun.

However, every day we don a costume, but this costume is not reflective of our inner selves or supportive of releasing a fear, they are costumes which reflect what others think we should look like, and then we take on the belief they really are us.  We wear these costumes and think we have to become them.  This is not true.  Yes, if one is working at a financial institution it is advisable to wear a costume which fits the appearance of that institution, but we do not have to loose the wonderful person we are inside that costume.  We can still retain that curious child inside, still find wonder in the world.  We can wear a laborers clothes and still dabble in the stock market.

We place too much emphasis on appearance and do not get to know the real person inside that costume, we judge others value based upon the label on their clothes.  We do this to others, and we do it to ourselves.  We are not the clothes we wear, the jobs we hold, the cars we drive, or the size of our bank accounts.  These are all costumes.  When the costume is removed, who are we? Do we have a clear idea of our value as people?

Join me in IN-powering yourself through Choiceful Living Seminars, and remember what is on the outside is just a costume.

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