Thank you, Good job

Most of us are pretty good at saying “thank you” when someone does something for us.  Sometimes we even say “Good job!” when something is done for us which makes us happy.  Yea for us, this is the way it should be, still there is one person to whom we too often neglect to recognize for their good work, OURSELVES!

We can be quick to say how foolish a choice may have been, we rarely hesitate to tell ourselves we are being stupid or dense or incompetent even,  but what happens when we get it right, which is much more frequently than we get it wrong?  Do we tell ourselves “Good Job”? Do we thank all the aspects of ourselves which cooperated to produce a successful result?  If not, why not?  Are we so conditioned to the idea that praising ourselves is somehow egocentric and therefore undesirable? If this is the case, just think how good we feel when others say “thank you” to us, how great and IN-powered we feel when we are recognized from an outside person for a job well done.  Doesn’t it stand to reason we ourselves would like to hear ourselves say thank you, good job?  

I invite you to give yourself the gift of self gratitude, when you nail that project, or do anything which is supportive of your dream, say “Thank you, Good job” to yourself and see how much easier it is to do next time.