I don’t need to be loved

That’s right, I do not need to be loved.  Is this counter to everything you have learned over your years?  How can someone not need to be loved? The key to this statement is in the word need. When we go about our day needing to be loved, we make choices which do not necessarily support our greater good.  We find ourselves telling others what we think they want to hear rather than what is true, making excuses, placing blame, almost anything to get that ego-boost which comes along with our need being fulfilled.  

Of course I enjoy being loved, of course, given the choice between being loved and not being loved, being loved is a whole lot more fun, but sometimes I have to say things the way they are, not what I think the other person wants to be told.   Sometimes this is difficult to do.  Sometimes the urge to tell what amounts to a lie to keep someone’s love is very strong, but consider what you are doing: you are selling yourself, your integrity for payment.  There are a few well known names for those who sell themselves for payment.

Here is one way to relay information which you think might result in you not being loved: begin the statement by honestly saying “I respect you too much to tell you anything other than the truth.”  If after that, if love is withheld, it was not real love anyway.  

How In-powering to know I do not need to be loved, but I enjoy being loved!

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