Stand in your own Power

What does it mean to stand in your own power?  It means: 1) being aware of what you are doing 2) knowing why you are doing it, and 3) doing it in a manner which supports your goals, and the best in everyone concerned. This is being In-powered.

At Choiceful Living Seminars, through the In-powerment program, what we want to do is bring to you the keys for you to do all three of these things for yourself and your company, not to do it for you.  Here are some ideas as to what the In-powered person is.

1) The In-powered person knows the key to success is not over-powering others, it is taking back our own power to do what is right.

2) The In-powered person is not the loudest voice in the room, they know silence can be more powerful than volume.

3) The In-powered person knows the key to success is cooperation, that their true power is within.

4) The In-powered person lives in their own potential, which is unlimited, rather than becoming a copy of someone else.

5) The In-powered person does not blame others for problems. If something is not working they know change is possible.

6) The In-powered person is aware and awake to their motivations.

If this set of guidelines suggests the type of workforce you want around you, contact us at and lets set up a program for your company.

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